Students Pay Less at Bingham Memorial Hospital

If you are a student in Idaho, it is good to know that Bingham Memorial Hospital offers not only discounted medical services for students, teenagers and children, but also free information and services. Here are a few examples of free medical services:

1. The month of October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Women of any age are encouraged to visit Bingham Memorial Hospital and get free information, gifts and breakfast.

2. The Physician’s Open House, which is held inside BMH’s Plaza, offers anyone the opportunity to meet and interact with the hospital’s new physicians. Free flu shots and money saving coupons will be given, along with refreshments and many opportunities to win prizes.

3. The College of Massage Therapy offers free chair massages this year. It is known that massage therapy helps relieve pain, increase the flexibility of the joints and boosts the blood circulation.

4. Bingham Memorial offers free speech and hearing screenings from time to time, no matter if you are a child, a teenager or a student. Make sure visit their website in order to set up an appointment.

5. It is not unusual for students to have children. If this is your case, you will be glad to know that BMH offers free children screening in partnership with Shriners Hospital. The screenings have the purpose of helping the parents find out if their children have an orthopedic condition and are held twice a year.

6. Free foot pain seminars. Many students wear shoes that have improper shapes and sizes, and this leads to many of the foot problems that they are experiencing. A recent study has shown that 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small in comparison with the size of their feet.

Bingham Memorial Hospital’s foot specialists offer free educational foot pain seminars where they explain everything there is to know about feet, ankles, bunions, and so on.

For more free information, you can subscribe to Louis Kraml’s Bingham Memorial Hospital Youtube channel or find Louis Kraml, CEO of Bingham Memorial on Linkedin.

Student Money Saving Tips

Everyone who has spent several years in a college or university knows that this meant spending a lot of money. Students need money for their books, to pay the tuition and the everyday expenses that living in a campus usually means. In many cases when students finally graduate they find themselves in debt, a very unpleasant situation.

student money saving tipsWhen students plan their expenses in advance, their money is controlled properly, so there are big chances they do not end up spending more than what they have. When you make complete and serious planning, you begin writing down all the possible expenses that you foresee for the near and far future.

During the process you should start considering the money you actually have, the things you decide to be extremely necessary (the things that are absolutely needed for a decent life), as well as the luxury stuff that you can survive without. When all these aspects are written down on a piece of paper, you can start doing the calculations to have a first general picture concerning your finances.

There are students that manage to gather several good bucks selling some of their old stuff. It is known that almost every student has old clothes, old backpacks or purses, all sorts of things they consider to be old and unsatisfactory, but that stuff can still be good and desirable for other people. The old things can be given in exchange for cash or traded for other similar things. Students in different camps all over the U.S.A. organize special evenings where they advertise the sale and expect the clients to come. This way, some of the expenses can be easily and rapidly addressed.

Impulse shopping is one major reason why people find themselves spending a lot more than they have ever imagined. While going out with friends, shopping unnecessary but attractive things may happen. When it usually happens, the natural consequence is to discover that your budget is rapidly gone. That is why it is so important to ponder well before you decide to spend some of your money of different things.

Having a credit card may become your worst financial decision ever. Many people buy now considering they will pay sometime later; this way, large debt is accumulated. It would be better to just get rid of the credit cards until you learn to control your expenses or at least until your income is consistent.

Some habits we people have are really costly. Especially the bad habits might cost you a lot of money. Maybe you do spend money on cigarettes, wine or alcohol, or you simply get yourself an expensive coffee every day before classes. This might mean spending a large amount of money on bad habits. Stop them and the result of this decision will soon be visible in your wallet.

Another trap we sometimes fell into is to keep up with some of your friends or even our roommates. If those persons have a larger budget than you do, you will soon end up with a huge debt. Be in continuous control of your budget and spend your free time in the company of persons with similar budgets. This way you will not have unpleasant surprises.

If you do like to go shopping, hunt for promotions or bargains, as these may save you a lot of money. For example, you could buy used books and not only new ones; you can order the special at a restaurant, instead of ordering what it is on the menu. It is a verified fact that this way a lot of money can be saved over a short period of time.

Inexpensive Car Restoration Tips

Restoring a car is a challenging task but, when all has been done, the satisfaction of admiring your own hands’ work is huge. Some do this for fun, as a way of relaxation after a stressing day at work while others do this for a living. The main question you need to ask when you start such a project, especially as a student with a limited budget, is if the car is worth the efforts of restoring. Especially when we are talking about a classic car, many would love to quickly get involved in the process. Others would start such a task considering the fact that this way they would save some dollars.

car restoration tipsIt is very important to decide first if the car is a solid one or not. It is crucial that the car has a good frame, body and driveline. Other important components like the ball joints, the tires or the brakes will be easier to replace. In order to make a wise decision, it would be useful to make a research and see which the most common problem areas for the car model you intend to restore are.

Every car restoration, no matter its type, will require a budget that you need to set before you start any move. The entire process will not be a cheap one and in order to manage and control all the expenses, you need to carefully plan them in advance. Make a list with all the car parts that you consider replacing or repairing and allot a certain amount of money for each of them.  If the job is among your first of this kind, make a proper research in order to establish a realistic sum of money for every step of the car restoration project.

Restoring a car might mean different things, depending on the level you choose to do it. Some people decide to make just the cosmetic transformations so that the car starts to look better and never get to handle the real and deep problems of the car. The decision depends on the purpose of the restoration: you do it for yourself and you plan to drive the car afterwards or you do it just to sell your car and get more money for it. Many students do this in their spare time as an effective way of making money, and some of them continue to do it even after finishing college.

Depending on what exactly you want to do, you need to consider if you alone can handle the situation or you need help from a better qualified person. Asses your expertise and your abilities and make this decision before you start. You can pay for a simple advice meeting with a professional, in order to verify if you have thought about all the essential aspects of the restoration project you intend to get involved in.

The equipment you will need for the job may represent a huge obstacle as for some of the procedures you might need specialized machines. If the restoration you plan is a thorough one, then you might be also using a larger workspace. Have you thought about the place where you will be doing the job? The safety gear you are going to wear is also important as you will do several risky things. You will need ear plugs, safety glasses, special gloves, a respirator and many other essential devices. You may find it useful to just take a photo of the place of every car part. Maybe now you think you know everything but later on you may consider the photo a real treasure!

Restoring your car to its former glory is definitely a fun job. Apply the tips that you have learned by reading this article and you are going to maximize your chances to complete the project for sure.

How to Save Money with Your Holiday Car Rentals

If you are a student, you have the possibility of planning your holidays in advance, and many students actually like to spend a few pleasant hours searching the internet for the best offers.

car rental money saving tipsIn fact, this is the best way to find out about special discounts, exotic destinations, modern hotels and special packages offered by the well known companies that are trying to attract new clients. The same thing happens with the plane tickets; most people know that the sooner you book your flight, the better the prices will be. There are exceptions with last minute flight tickets, of course, but we shouldn’t rely on them.

Any decent vacation is supposed to offer the travelers the liberty of movement that only a suitable car can offer. The good news is that the competition in the car rental industry is fierce, so even the students can afford to rent a car for their vacation.

Under these circumstances, it makes a lot of sense to pick the proper car rental package as early as possible. By booking the car in advance, you have the guarantee that you will get the wanted car model at the desired day and hour, thus having access to a vehicle that will be waiting for you in the airport, or at any other place you will need it to be.

As a student, there are several things that you can do in order to minimize the costs that are associated to any car hire package. Comparing the prices online is the first step that should be taken; resist the temptation to visit the website of each and every major car rental company, though, because this will consume a lot of your time.

The solution to this problem is simple, because the internet is filled with car rental comparison websites; a simple “car rental comparison” Google search will reveal lots of results. Then, all you need to do is input some information (destination, number of renting days, car model, etc) and you will get access to a good set of results that will help you take the wisest money saving decision.

You should not settle for the prices you will find on the internet, though, because you can obtain even bigger discounts from the renting agencies if you contact them directly afterwards, and tell them about their direct competitors’ offers. Another money saving tip is to ask for a discount if you choose to book a hotel room or your plane tickets from the same agency.

Also, you may be offered a special price if the car you intend to rent is part of a special campaign. For this reason, it is important to decide what type of car you want in advance: a sports car, a larger vehicle or a compact model.

The decision should be made depending on the travel destination that you have chosen; a smaller (and thus cheaper) car will be perfect for a ride to the seaside with your fellow friends, while an adventurous trip to the mountains will require a much more powerful vehicle.

Don’t forget to tell the car rental agent that you are a student; they might give you an additional discount. Another powerful tip is to go on a vacation together with several good friends; you will have a great time together and you will be able to split your car rental and accommodation bills as well.

Make sure you are not asked to pay for useless car insurance policies. If you already pay car insurance for your own car, there is no need to pay for any other policies, in case that the current policy also covers the periods when you drive a rented car, and not just your personal one.

When you have decided on the car model you want, be sure you drive carefully and return the car in perfect condition; otherwise, you will be asked to pay for any of the damages done to the car. Make sure you will not be asked to pay for something that is not at all your fault by taking some photos of the car before you start driving it for the first time. These photos can become valuable proof in case that you are asked to pay for damage that you didn’t do.

Money Saving Home Renovation Projects

Houses can be remodeled with not so much money as many would generally consider as necessary. And even if your budget is very limited and you are just a college student, there are all sorts of things you can do in the house in order to remodel it and make it look nicer and more welcoming.

If you want to remodel, then it is ok to let your thoughts wander. Think about how you would like to have your house look like: would you like to have the bathroom remodeled, or maybe just the living or the bedroom? Would you like to purchase new furniture?

inexpensive house remodelOnce you have created a picture of the house of your dreams, try to decide what you can afford with the money you got. When such a thinking process occurs, you can decide which from all the changes you desire are the most important and indeed affordable.

Libraries have all sorts of magazines where you can find appropriate information and learn tricks and tips to save money when remodeling or even do some of the things on your own. Also, the house remodeling needs planning, but fortunately there are different sites on the internet where you can make the needed plans for free.

There will certainly be jobs that you can do by yourself or after a simple lesson attended on the internet – you are a student, after all! There are numerous tutorials for different jobs one can do in and around the house. And when you have the needed free time at your disposal, doing the needed remodel tasks in the house on your own will definitely help you save a lot of money.

On the other hand, there are jobs that you should not even try to do on your own. The electricians and the plumbers are the right persons that should do the wires related or pipes related tasks. You electrical knowledge gathered from high school is not enough to accomplish such jobs, which can pose a great safety risk.

Even if you are still in college and do not have enough money to use the help of an architect for remodeling the entire house, try and hire one to give you some bits of advice for the most important room in the house.

The architect is the person capable of giving you valuable advice about what to change in the room, what to keep and what to give away, what design improvements you should make, what colors to choose, and so on. He is the right person to help you take the proper decision that will make the room or even the entire house look fresh and modern.

If you have family members or friends that have recently remodeled their houses, their experience might be of great help as well. Based on what they tell you, you can manage to save a lot of money with your remodeling.

When the budget is limited, decorating and remodeling the bathroom alone is a good option. It is much better to direct all the available money toward a specific task like replacing the old bathtub with a walk in bathtub kit instead of fractioning the money in multiple directions. The end result would be much better in case of a smaller remodeling operation which is seriously organized and accomplished.

If you decide to work with a contractor in order to invest wisely your money, always choose carefully the team of workers, based on the good recommendations gathered from reliable people you already know.